Currently, I am open for original and fandom-based writing commissions. I charge a rate of .5 cents per word (= 1 cent per two words = $5 per 1,000 words). I round to the nearest hundred words so as not to wind up with a fraction of a cent in the total cost. For example, a 530 word story ≈ 500 words = $2.50. A 2,987 word story ≈ 3,000 words = $15. Any requests centered around obscure or non-sexual kinks or fetishes, however, carry an additional $1 fee. These prices are non-negotiable.

What I Will Write
• Male/Male, Male/Female, Female/Female, and polyamorous relationships
• Canon characters paired sexually or romantically with either other canon characters, the commissioner’s fanmade characters, or the reader
• Topics generally considered difficult or heavy — ie, death, crime, physical/mental illness, suicide/self-injury/eating disorders, etc.
• Minor gore
• Original stories or fanfiction
• Songfics (short stories based around the lyrics to a song)

What I Will NOT Write
• Depictions of rape and/or incest that are graphic and/or not necessary to the plot
• Fanfiction about real people, with a few exceptions
• Anything blatantly hateful or threatening

You can email me with any questions or to request a commission at

Thank you, and have a great day.